Problem Importing Feed Images from Huffington Post

Hello, I have been trying unsuccessfully to get Autoblog to import the image attachment included in a feed from Huffington Post. Specially, the feed is here:

I am using the plugin on a Multi-Site network, and specifically for the site located at

In my Autoblog plugin settings, I have set “Featured Image Importing” to “Use enclosure tag of a feed item” since the original feed offers the image as an attachment within an enclosure tag.

However, no matter what I try, the image is not getting downloaded.

Viewing the source of the feed, I see the image being called inside the enclosure tag like this:

My first thought is that Autoblog maybe cannot read a jpeg and needs a jpg filename? If not, this should ideally be corrected.

My second thought is that perhaps Autoblog cannot read an image when it has ?ops=620_349 appended to the file name?

Either way, I need this to work with Huffingpost’s Feed Format. Please advise.