Problem in Communication mails while using membership plugin

We are using Communication section to send emails in regular interval
to users. Emails are not sending on right time. We are getting
shuffles emails in different interval, please help on same.

Here are dates below of the email we have received so far as the user
Signed up on the 10th and received 1st email.
13th reveived the 2nd email (the day 3 email)
17th received the 3rd email (the well done for making it thro week 1
19th received the 4th email (the exercise one)
- should have received the 5th email on the 21st (11 days after
signing up) but it never came
- should have received the 6th email on the 24th (14 days after
signing up) but it never came
on the 28th (today) should have received the 7th mail but instead
received the very first one thanking me for signing up.
- today at 12.43 we received the "day 3 update which is the second

Please help on same as it is main part of our website.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @gingerpixel

    If I understand correctly, the system sent emails during the 7-day period following signup. Then stopped, and cycled back to the beginning of the series of emails 11 days after that. Is that correct?

    Do you have any other mail systems functioning on your website? Newsletter? Other autoresponder?

  • gingerpixel
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor


    Yes your are correct. It is not working smoothly. Some time 2 r 3 mails sent on time. and After that mails process starts repeating. We are not using any other auto -responder and mail system functioning in system. Please provide me help as soon as possible

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @gingerpixel

    I got in touch with the plugin developer about this issue and this is the pertinent bit of our conversation:

    The emails are fired via wp-cron, so are dependent on traffic to the site. If they don't have a lot of traffic then it may be worth them setting up a cron job on their server to hit a cron url to ensure that things are fired on time.

    I know it sounds a bit weird, but it would appear the issue should resolve on its own as your site traffic picks up.

    However, you may wish to ensure that the issue is resolved immediately by having your developer implement the solution above. If you do not have a developer handy, there are many available here:

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

  • gingerpixel
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor


    I don't think that the problem relates to cron job. Cron is running fine. The main problem is with the order of emails dispatched. For example, in the second week, the email specific to day 1 is being sent out. And in some cases emails are skipped (not sent out). I am a developer of wordpress & has knowledge of how things have been setup, so don't see any problem with the cron. It seems to be a problem of plugin. Please fix the same or provide me a solution to fix this.

  • Barry
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    It's difficult to debug because I don't have your site / server to play with and the same issue isn't happening on my server (or been reported on any other install yet), so to give me a clue I need as much specific information from you as possible.

    Can you give me the following information from your site to get us started.

    It seems your emails are stopping at email 4, and then somehow the user is being rebooted back to the first email so :-

    From your database, can you dump out the post records (from wp_post) with a post type of automessage for me, maybe as a sql output, zip it up and post here or send through to us (marked for my attention).

    I assume this is happening for more than one user? For the user that you reported has the issue can you have a look in the wp_usermeta table and let me know the usermeta records that the user has that start with _automessage_

  • Barry
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    I tried to search about data in all scenarios. But no result found. I have attached 4 tables for your reference. Please provide me email ID if you need more tables.

    Are you seeing your messages in the automessage admin pages? If so, there certainly should be some posts of that type in your wp_posts table.

    You can send through to contact at incsub dot com and mark for my attention.

  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero

    Greetings of the day.
    I was doing a regular followup today and found that we missed your last post on this one.
    Are you still seeking support on this one or managed to get it resolved ? Please let us know so that we can take it further and assist you on the same
    Thanks for being a great community member !

  • PC
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Greetings and thanks for being a great community member.

    We haven't heard from you on this one for long and I am doing a regular followup to see if there is still something we can assist you on this thread.

    Just to manage the support issues more efficiently, I am marking this thread as resolved for now however this is not being done to avoid your questions in any ways.

    Please feel free to mark this is "Not resolved" in case you have further questions and we would be back on it.

    Thanks a lot for being with WPMU DEV.


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