Problem intalling plugin


Everytime I try to install a plugin it takes to me FTP connection settings screen. We do not have FTP access to this server without a certificate etc (ftp needs to be done from a machine behind our firewall).

What setting can I change so that it doesn't take me to the ftp connection setting but allows me to manually download the plugin.


  • Alexander
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    This happens when the permissions aren't setup correctly on the web server. The Wordpress uploader can't write to the folder, so it asks you to upload using FTP - bypassing the permissions. You need to make sure that "wp-content" is writable. If this makes sense to you, here's an article about Wordpress permissions: Otherwise if you need help correcting this, I can most certainly help! I have just a few questions and we can get started:

    1. How is your website hosted? Are you using something like cPanel?

    2. How did you go about installing Wordpress? Was it an automated install script, or did you install manually?

    Thanks! Hope to help you get this resolved quickly!

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