Problem loading js from facebook with wrong culture code

After network activating Ultimate Facebook I received the following JS error on all my pages
"FB is not defined"

After some quick research with Fiddler I found that the plugin loads the following .js file:

This request gives the following response
/* "nl" is not a valid locale. */

Based on this information I tried loading the url in a browser, which returned a error. After changing the url to a different locale (nl-NL) the .js file is returned from facebook.

I tried changing the locale from Automatic to Dutch and English (UK), but that didn't change the request.

Any idea what to do next?


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    I deactivated the sociable plugin, but this didn't change a thing.

    After this I checked out all the plugins and there are no plugins that have any connection or facebook functionality.

    The strange thing is that this JS error occurs as soon as I (network) activate the plugin. Not only on the blogs but also in the admin pages.

    Not real sure what to do next. Any ideas?


  • pbrink
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Oke no more bumbs...

    After a reallly long search I found the problem. My WP language file was called the Ultimate Facebook connect plugins uses the language filename as locale (culture) in the loading of the facebook JS.(??)

    After renaming my .mo file to nl-NL the plugin started to work.

    Now walking agains other problems with the plugin, but I will post that another time.

    Thanks, Pieter

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