Problem restoring snapshot archive

I am trying to restore a snapshot archive and it doesn't seems to be working.

Plugin installed in new site:
- iTheme security Pro
- WPMU dashboard
- Snapshot Pro

Theme in new site:
- Twenty Fifteen

Important plugins needed to be restored to new site from backup archive:
- All WP-Types plugins: Types, CRED, Views, Access

Important theme needed to be restored to new site from backup archive:
- Newspaper 6
- << My child theme for Newspaper 6>>

Archive 1 to restore:
- Tables (excluded iTheme Security Pro logs).
- Plugin folder (excluded iTheme security pro folder)
- Theme folder
- Media folder

- After restoring it, additional database tables are created (tables from original site installed plugin).
- Media files, Posts and Pages are restored.
- However, plugin and themes are not restored into this new sub-domain.
- Checked in my plugin and theme folder, all plugins and theme from archive file is not restored here.
- I had also tried deactivating iTheme Security before restoring and it is not restoring plugin and theme folders.
- My wp-content folder had been changed to /cnt using iThemes Security. This is the same structure in both the new site to restore and also old site.

I had also tried:
Archive 2 to restore:
- Only plugins folder (except iTheme Security Pro folder)

- No plugins folder from the archive is copied here.

Hope to get some help here.