Problem seeing the Widgets, Menus, Options menu items under Appearance

When logged in as a user with the Administrator role to a blog in one certain domain (, I am unable to see the Widgets, Options, or Menus under the Appearance menu. I only see Themes. When I am logged in as Super Admin, I am able to see all these menu options for any blog/site in the domain.

I am able to see the menus from other domains when logged in as a user with the Administrator role. (We use the MU Multi-Site plugin.)

Another strange occurrence that I found while trying to troubleshoot this is, when I am logged in as a user with the Administrator role to a blog in the domain and try to go directly to the widgets url ( it redirects me to the admin page (dashboard) of a completely different domain! ( Wondering if this is the default it is falling back on?? Strange to say the least.

Other notes that may help us figure this out -
• Recently upgraded from MU 2.8.4 to MU 2.9.2 to MS 3.0.1
• All other domains/networks/sites work fine.
• Also have a Rewrite statement in the apache config to convert anything with to rewrite to just plain Although the condition is ONLY including blog.pleasanton. and I have not used that in this scenario. Coincidence?!? Hopefully.

  • gnenc

    That was my first thought also - ie: theme issue. So as I tried to troubleshoot that area, I noticed that is occurs with any theme with any blog/site within that domain. All other domains work properly (showing the menus) with the same themes.

    I am interested in how I might check to see if the default roles have changed for this domain. I do have access to the MySQL database to do an sql query if need be. Otherwise I am not sure how to check for this.

    Thanks so much for the lead on this.

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