Problem to set E-Newsletter settings up

Hello Guys!!!

I want to use E-Newsletter to let my users create and send Custom Newsletters from their dashboards, so, I was testing it, but I think I did not understand how it works...

What I want is to offer E-Newsletter as a premium feature for my users... If I network activate it, there's no option to activate it site by site...

What do I have to do? Just offer it as a Premium Plugin to site by site activate or I can network activate and just offer as premium feature?

I tried to configure outgoing SMTP information and every e-mail I try to set, it shows this error when I click on Test Connection Button: Failed to send test email! - Please check your outgoing email settings and server config to see if selected ports are open. Error details:

The following From address failed: : Called Mail() without being connected

I tried my hotmail email, my business email and any worked...

Need some help here... I'm feeling like a noob with this plugins hahahaha



  • Vaughan

    Hi @derek,

    If you are using the pro-sites plugin, then make sure e-newsletter is not network enabled, you should then be able to set it as a premium plugin for pro-sites.

    Either way, if you don't network activate it, then each site will be able to activate it on their own.

    The from email address needs to be allowed on the SMTP server that you are using. make sure that you enter the SMTP authentication details correctly & the ports.

    For example with gmail. it uses port 465 with SSL, so basicly the from address should ideally be the same as the authentication email address (some email providers require this as they don't allow relaying. You also need to make sure that your email service allows external SMTP, sometimes you just need to enable it in the settings.

    Hope this helps

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