Problem Upgrading - Recurring Payments for users already in free trial

I just noticed that update from one level to another is not working as well. I inserted the [renewform] shortcode and nothing is happening to update the membership leaving the previous level...

A few months ago there wasn't a not-level shortcode, barry added this to solve this issue (when upgrading to avoid multiple subscriptions for the same user) but the renew form is just showing the plans without a buttons to do the upgrade and change the subscription level.

Consider this, my case: I have 5 day trial, but some people join to the payed membership before 5 days expire, so they have both but the 5 days trial rule block full access to the site, so obviously, members have to upgrade to another level (payed level) but the buttons is not appearing when I add the [renewform] shortcode.

How can I fix this to avoid multiple memberships for the same users, I tried the not-level shortcode but without the upgrade button show up I can't specify this for the client?

I'm having that issue and I don't know how to avoid this, because I'm upgrading people manually :S

People do not want to wait for 5 days trial to expire before they have full access to the content because the paid already.