Problem Using BP-Fun as Default for New Blogs on Wordpress MU

Hi, Everybody,

So, I am trying to use the BP-Fun theme as the default theme (using the default plug-in) for new blogs on my Wordpress MU site with Buddypress.

But when I create a new test site (see link below), everything seems to work fine except that the theme only works on the main homepage of the site.

Everytime I click on the ACTIVITY, MEMBERS or GROUPS pages, the theme reverts back to the OTHER theme I am using on the main site, which is BP-Daily.

Take a look at this example:

How do I fix this? I think the BP-Fun is a lot easier for new users, so I want to set that as my dafault theme for new blogs. But t has to work... Any advise would be appreicted.



  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    First off, kindly remember it's the weekend so things slow down a bit around here (check out the support staff hours directly to the right of the reply box). Thanks! :smiley:

    Now, as to the issue you're experiencing, what's happening is that BuddyPress is installed on your main site. When you activate a BuddyPress theme on sub-sites, the BuddyPress navigation will link back to your main site (which is where BuddyPress is installed). Trying to link to a BuddyPress element on a sub-site (like you have listed here: won't work as BuddyPress isn't actually installed on this subdomain.

    The best solution would be to use a simpler theme for your sub-sites or pull out the BuddyPress navigation bits from BP Fun and just use the BuddyPress Admin bar on subdomain sites. This should be happening by default, have you disabled it in your configuration?


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