Problem when using New Blog Templates with Genesis Extender


I've got a problem when using New Blog Templates with Genesis Extender.

On one template the Genesis Extender plugin is activated.
When a user creates his subsite, Genesis Extender looks activated (it's noted as "activated" in the plugin list), and the settings looks OK (in the plugin's settings), but it's not (it's like the plugin is not activated at all).
As a result, I need to deactivate then reactivate Genesis Extender to make it work.

I'm gonna ask for this to the Genesis Extender support too, but if you have an explanation for this behaviour...

Best Regards

  • Vaughan

    Hi Arom77,

    Hope you're well?

    I've never heard of genesis extender up until now, so I don't have experience with it at all, but that does indeed sound weird.

    Is there anything in server error logs at all (check in your CPanel for the error logs)

    Does this happen to any other plugins or just the extender plugin (if other plugins have the same behaviour, then I would be more inclined to think a possible issue with NBT) but if it's just extender plugin, then it seems likely it could be an issue with extender, or with the way it installs or is configured on a multisite. I'm not sure what to suggest, maybe we can wait for the plugin developers comment & see what they say?


  • Arom77

    Hi @Vaughan

    Yes thanks, hope you're well too :slight_smile:

    The developer checked my installation and said that the problem is Genesis Extender don't create its folder when a subsite is created. It's not a permission problem, you can fix the problem by uploading manually the files (but it's not a solution for me of course).

    I found that the problem is related to New Blog Templates.

    - When you add a subsite using a template (New Blog Templates), you can't make Genesis Extender work. It looks like Genesis Extender is activated but the folder is not created, therefore it doesn't work.
    - When you add a subiste using no template (inside network admin, "add a site"), you can activate Genesis Extender then it works as expected.

    So the way New Blog Templates "triggers" the activation, maybe?

    One last point: this was working OK ans stopped working let's say 3 or 4 weeks ago (I'm not really sure of the time it stopped working but that's approximatively that).

    Best Regards

  • Vaughan

    Hi Arom,

    I have flagged one of our SLS to see if they can look into this for you, it may be that we would need to take a look at it on your site though in order to figure this out if that's ok?

    Can you send your details using the following contact form (select i have a different question from the dropdown.)

    Mark for attn: Vaughan
    Include a ref URL to this thread.

    Please include the following details;
    - Site login details (super-admin if on multisite)
    - FTP login details so I can take a look at the theme/plugin files.


  • Vaughan

    Hi Arom,

    I have messaged the developers again for you, I have been unable to figure out why this is happening, I think it's the way that genesis extender actually functions that NBT might not be able to fully copy it over etc, but it's a bit beyond me, hopefully the developer will figure it out. I have passed the login credentials over to the devs.

    Sorry for the wait, we've been really busy the last few weeks.

  • Jose

    Hi there Arom77,

    Hope you are doing great and thanks for your patience here :slight_smile:

    I'm starting to look into this.

    One last point: this was working OK ans stopped working let's say 3 or 4 weeks ago (I'm not really sure of the time it stopped working but that's approximatively that).

    Can your relate the issue with an update of Genesis Extender, NBT, or any other change in your site?

    Please advise. I'll be debugging in the meantime, but any information could be useful to spot the problem.


  • Jose


    I was running several test on my environment.

    It seems that the problem is how the activation of the plugin is designed. It will work only when the user is in the admin dashboard and the genesis framework is completely loaded.

    As a workaround, you can add this snippet into your functions.php or mu-plugin:

    function trigger_genesis_extender_activation(){
                        do_action( 'activate_genesis-extender/lib/update/genesis-extender-update.php');
            add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'trigger_genesis_extender_activation');

    This will ensure that the plugin gets activated at the first visit to the admin dashboard.

    Please let me know if you need further support on this.


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