Problem with A records for multi-domain

I have set up multi-domains on my pro sites site which also has domain mapping.

I created what I think are the right A records for wildcard subdomains.

But in the Multi-Domains dashboard I get a warning:

Warning! Wildcard DNS for may not be configured correctly!
Unable to contact the random hostname (

But in my DNS manager, I have

`* IN A′

which is the correct dedicated IP.

I pretended to be a new user and after registering as a new site, I get a message that my browser cannot find the server for that request.

Some of the things I’ve been thinking about that might be the problem are:

* I added the extra domains as add-on domains to the main site. But I think if I delete them then I might loose my dns records? (I am using WHMCS)

Any pointers, or questions to clarify?

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hiya @john

    Coupla things to start to eliminate stuff (maybe silly questions too):

    The IP you posted above ( leads to whereas gives a blank index page. Are you sure you’ve used the correct IP for your A records?

    Also, if you are using our Domain Mapping plugin, you will find in the plugin folder an alternate sunrise file: dm_sunrise.php You need to use that file instead of sunrise.php from Multi Domains.

    Can you clarify these points please? We’ll move on from there :slight_smile:

  • John
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thanks Patrick

    Yes, the IP is correct, the main site is

    And yes, I used the multi-domain sunrise.php.

    I think the reason is that I created an add-on domain, which creates an A record to go to the blank index page, ie it creates a folder on the server and points to that.

    I think I need to delete the add-on domain, park the domain instead, and then create an additional wildcard A record. I will do that and let you know how that went.

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