Problem with BuddyPress Scholar Theme

I am unable to create a new topic in my Simple-Press plugin forums if I am not logged in as an admin user. I searched the Simple-Press forum and found a related post that states:

"looks like this might another case of a wp theme using bootstrap js library which is known to conflict with the jquery ui library wp uses…run a quick test and try a temp switch to the default wp theme and see if it clears up…
if so, we can help you adjust the theme to load bootstrap library in a wp friendly way"

Per its instructions I switched to the 2014 Theme, which does allow me to post topics as a non admin user.

That same topic also indicated "perhaps try going to forum settings – integration settings – page and permalink settings - to make sure the forum js is loaded in the footer…possible doing that...will force the proper loading of jquery ui and bootstrap…"

I changed the setting in “forum – integration – page and permalink and made sure the forum js is loaded in the footer” but there was no change.

After trying these sugestions with no improvement to the problem I contacted Simple-Press Support directly on my problem. Simple-Press Support indicated if the theme change corrected the problem then “…we can help you adjust the theme to load bootstrap library in a wp friendly way…” and "... use of wp theme that improperly uses bootstrap js library… and yours does seem to use it… since bootstrap conflicts with jquery ui that wordpress uses, they are not compatible unless care is taken to load it before jquery ui… so that is the next step…. adjust the wp theme so it loads bootstrap before jquery ui…… if you can find where in your theme bootstrap.js is loaded, we can probably help adjust it…"

So my question is where is "bootstrap.js" and how do I modify the theme to load it before "jquery ui". And should I have your team do it so as to not mess up the theme or should you provide me the information so I can give it to Simple-Press Support so they can provide the remedy.

I am not even positive the error is in the theme but if I do change to the 2014 Wordpress Theme {which I did again just before making this post as well as switching to the BuddyPress Scholar non child theme with no improvement} and all other plugins and settings being the same, the problem is resolved so it would seem that that might indeed be the case.

I am completely out of my element on this one guys and will need your expertise to fix the problem.

Thank you for your prompt reply!