Problem with calculations for multiple quantities of the same product on confirmation page.

Hi, I posted a question earlier today about a PayPal error I was getting but I have now discovered that it is actually a problem with how the plugin is calculating totals that is causing the errors and as I haven't had a reply to my first question in over 6 hours, I have created a new post to reflect the new nature of the issue.

The problem is arising when multiple quantities of the same product is ordered.

I hope this makes sense, but if not, I have added an image of screen shots showing the the incorrect calculation on the confirmation page which i hope explains the problem better.

What seems to be happening is that when I added an item to the cart with a quantity of 6 and a price of $10.00, the total on the "Review Cart" page showed the correct total of $60.00 for those items, but, when you get to the "Confirm" page (which you don't get to when using PayPal as the payment method because an error message comes up) it shows the $60.00 correct total crossed out and adds a new price of the total from the "Review Cart" page multiplied by the quantity ordered. So, in the example below it has done this 6 x $10.00=$60.00 x 6 =$360.00.

PLEASE, can I get someone to help me fix this ASAP as I am getting bombarded by emails from unhappy customers and am losing money from orders because this is not working correctly!!!

Thank You
Linda McGuire