Problem with Changing Category Slugs


One last problem and then I think my transition is complete...

I've changed some of my category names (and slugs) to fit nice and neat in the cat nav bar.

This then removes the category posts from the columns (as it should).

So i go to select the new category for that column, and the new name is there, but no posts show when I select it.

Is there some table somewhere where the history of the column categories is stored that I can go clear?


  • Tammie

    @Gregfielding: I'm not sure what you mean by column categories. It uses category ids that are set you could reset all of the options under theme options but perhaps it's the way you've done slugs? If done correctly it shouldn't impact. You could test this by resetting your theme options but all it does is save a value and the drop down if that is showing the categories as correct I'd say there is something up with how you've named and the posts associated. I'd ask you to check what posts those categories have under them to see if something has gone wrong there. If it has a post it should show.

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