Problem with child theme and custom theme options

Hi Guys,

Just updated both Buddypress and the BP Daily theme. After figuring out how the new style-sheet changes work -- need to add the child theme changes to child.css in the _inc/css folder in the child theme). And then uncommenting the new child theme fuctions.php file so it would enque the stylesheet ( a new term to me), I discovered that none of my custom color changes were showing up.

I made sure the defaul.css was selected and no luck. After a frustrating few hours trying to figure this out, I took a closer look at the child theme functions file. I'm no coder, but it looks like you are missing something on line 16. The original was

include (get_template_directory() . '/library/options/theme-options.php');
But I that didn't seem to be getting the theme-options file from the parent theme. So I modified it such:
include (get_template_directory_uri() . '/library/options/theme-options.php');

And that did the trick.

Is that a bug or is there another work around?