Problem with Classifieds – listings will not publish

I’m using the Classifieds plugin and I want users to be able to post ads without any moderation on my part, so I want the ads to automatically go live, as published. In the plugin settings, there is a section called “Available Classified Status Options”. The only option I have selected is “Published”. However, what keeps happening is users post ads and they are marked as either “Draft” or “Pending Review”.

To make matters worse, I’ve gone in and marked some of the “Pending Review” or “Draft” ads ad “Published” manually as the super admin / network admin. It will change briefly, but then in a matter of minutes I’ll go back to check and, once again, it is marked as a “Draft” and is not live on the site.

It’s really frustrating and I can’t find any reason for this. I’ve checked the settings many times and this shouldn’t be happening. Can you please help?

It doesn’t seem to happen for everyone. Some people have been able to create an ad and it gets published to the site on the first try. For others, even when I try to manually publish them, they still won’t work. It’s driving me crazy.

I granted support access to the site. If you go in to the classifieds, you’ll see an ad for a Toyota Prius, a Motorbike Helmet, and an Apartment For Rent. These are all marked as Drafts, and are all ones that keep changing from Published to Draft.

I would really appreciate some help with this issue.