Problem with community

I was testing out the Communities and I found out that the users under my Site admins are not having the communities showing on their page unless the site admin upgrades the role of that user to an administrator (which is dangerous). What code or what settings could one that could make the user's site under each site admins show the communities link in their dashboard.
Also is there a way to actually make this plugin be under the plugins directory instead of being under the mu-plugins directory.

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    @Temylar, I guess my first question is why/how did the plugin end up under the mu-plugins directory in the first place. There were some older versions of Community that required manual install and copy of one of the plugin files to the wp-admin directory. The plugin has since been updated to be like a standard plugin. It should be moved to your normal /plugins/ folder.

    As for the other issue I'll need to very what you are seeing. At this point I'm not sure on the user role functionality.

  • Temylar
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I tried to even network activate it from the network admin hoping that the community of the user under the site admin will show up but it is not showing up. The only instance that will make the communities to show up in that sub-user is only when the site admin upgrades that user to the role of an administrator.

    As for the other community installations that is what I initially saw in the install manual in that folder, but I have now delete everything and reinstalled it through the WPMUDev link in my dashboard.

    Hoping to hear from somebody soonest.

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