Problem with Directory And Membership

I found a workaround to the image problem I had earlier this week in Membership that involves hosting images in an image hosting service, but now it has caused another problem in Directory.

When I use a featured image (which WordPress does not allow to be hosted on an outside server) in a listing, the image shows up in the directory listings but not in the listing itself.

The question I have is how can I remove the featured image from showing in the listing itself and use the hosted image in the post?

  • Greg Rice

    The workaround is that I am linking to the images on a remote image hosting service. Wordpress does not allow images not hosted locally to be used as the featured image for a post.

    When I use a locally hosted image as the featured image, the image shows up in the list of the directory listing, but not in the post itself. I want to be able to add an image into the listing manually and not have the featured image automatically show up in the post itself as a broken image link.

    This is a real problem that does need to be fixed in Membership but right now, I just need a way to remove the featured image from the post so I can add the URL to the remotely hosted image to make sure the image show up in the post and not just in the list of posts.

    I would think that it would just be a quick change in the directory listing template. Any help is great ly appreciated.

  • Kimberly


    Thanks for the response, I appreciate you updating me on your workaround.

    For me this statement is the heart of the matter

    Wordpress does not allow images not hosted locally to be used as the featured image for a post.

    We create our plugins to work WITH Wordpress, not to subvert normal Wordpress operation

    That is why the capability to use remotely hosted images is not immediately available and why it would be considered custom code.

    Unfortunately it's not just a quick change. I will ask the developer to stop in here and give some feedback.

    Thanks for being a WPMUDEV member!



  • Greg Rice

    One more comment,

    The bug in Membership that does not allow uploaded images to to appear in pages and posts for non-logged-in users is the real problem. That is where the focus needs to be at this point. Thanks again for the help. This helps me to work through the issues and make sure I am delivering good service to my clients and hopefully help your developers to take care of these kinds of issues.

    Your plugins have been a great benefit to me and to my customers. Keep up the great work.

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