Problem with Displaying Appointments+

Hi, I am having trouble with my appointments+. For some reason, the booking system is displaying when I am logged in. But when I am logged out, it doesnt display anymore. I attached screenshots. Any suggestions on why this is?

Another thing too is with the contact part at the bottom. I created new fields, and for some reason I try to edit it in the backend, but it isn't being reflected in the front end. It also is having trouble being aligned. For example, I dont want the notes section to appear. So i dont have it in there. But it still shows up. Any idea why?

Its set to say" [app_confirmation title="Please check your appointment details below and confirm:" name="Your full name:" email="Your Email" phone="Your Phone Number" whenisthewedding="When is the wedding?" button_text="Confirm" confirm_text="We have received your Appointment! We look forward to seeing you!"]

but that clearly is not reflected google calendar shows, etc.