Problem with Editing permissions for custom taxonomies

Hi all,

I have CustomPress installed on a site and have used it to create 2 custom taxonomies (Locations and Industries).

I have made them public and I can see them as menu items under 'posts' and also under a custom post type I made (newsletters). So the menu items are there, but when I click on them to add/edit my custom taxonomies I get an error message: 'Cheatin’ uh?'.

I thought this must be related to permissions, but I have tried this and received the same errors using an author, editor and administrator account.

Further, when in the post edit screen, I see the meta boxes to "Add Location" or "Add Industry" and I can type in new items into the text box. However, clicking the link "All locations" which should bring up a list of previously used items in the custom taxonomy 'Locations' generates another error message. It says: 'An unidentified error has occurred.'

Any help getting these custom taxanomies working would be greatly appreciated.