Problem with Edublogs and Dixi and submodel

Hello all !

Well quite I am new to wordpress (but I learn fast...) I have a little proble wirh edublogs and dixi theme that I would like to use.

My config : WPMU 2.9.2 without buddypress
(need something else ? )

All works fine but :

The main site i have to manage use to be on SPIP, and is composed by 2000 unique articles and a deeeeeeeeep submenu structure for example :

menu : horse / races / from a to c / apaloosa /

1st problem :

The articles have to be on one specific page. So i need to use static pages, because if i use catégories, their will be more than one article by catégorie. I have found a "categories / page associator" but it doesnot work well

Is it correct ?

2nd problem :

- Neither dixi or edublogs give me the 4 level menu in the menu bar (I have only 2 levels, but i finally found a collapsing menu widget)

- BUT : the autocreated menu does NOT let me acces to the pages, I only have the frontpage and no access to my static page structure

3rd problem

- about the "subtemplate"
Both dixi and edublogs have sub templates (news, blogs and fullpage)
The full page works, but if i want to use another one for my pages (those subtemplates are fine : no admin pannel and another right sidebar) but the format doesno seem to apply. (i choose it in the page creator)

Where did i mistake ?