Problem with Forums

I created a forum and posted a topic. However, when I click on the topic I get the attached error message. it seems something is missing. How can others add their responses to this topic?


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Dustin,

    I do believe so. In your original post were you referring to the bbPress plugin? The thread got tagged with our own Forums plugin, so just checking on that.

    If you’re referring to the bbPress plugin, I think that may have to do with your permalink settings on that. Could you try resetting them, or setting them to something other than default at Settings > Permalinks?



  • dustin
    • The Crimson Coder


    Originally I was referring to your forum plugin. It doesn’t work properly. So I started looking and realized bbpress might work. Do you happen to know if bbpress forums can be inserted into a specific page, or do you have to go to a separate forum page? What I hope to do is have a forum just for a specific membership level.

    Do you think this would do the trick?


  • dustin
    • The Crimson Coder


    I think what I can do is use the Sitewide privacy plugin. Then I would create a separate site for each membership level. I would restrict access to the site content to only those members of that level.

    If I did it this way, do you recommend a way for tying all the sites together, for example if you want to graduate people from one level to the next?

    But how would I do the following?…

    Member A is registered at Site A. He also registers at Site B, but only as a free member. How do I let Member A only see Free content on Site B?

    In particular, how can I let members on Site B to create their own sites AND prevent Free members from seeing what they post on their site or on the bbpress forum? How can I set this up so that members don’t have to know how to set privacy, they just post their content.


  • Mason
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    Originally I was referring to your forum plugin. It doesn’t work properly.

    Note that it’s not compatible with BuddyPress. It should work on multisite though.

    As for bbPress, here’s a list of their shortcode options in the new 2.0+ plugin:

    As to the memberhsip issue, you can create separate pages on one site for each of the individual forums and then attach that page to a level. You could also do individual sites if you have other needs besides a forum.

    Hope this helps!

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