Problem with large full backups failing

Hi Support,

I'm having a problem with getting a very large backup to complete. The full backup is approximately 450MB and fails after 5mins of execution time.

I've managed to narrow down the problem to the following. In a full backup it will easily backup all Themes, Plugins, wp-config, and .htaccess files (approx 35MB). The problem is the Media files which are approx 420MB...the process won't complete and Snapshot Pro just stops and waits for the next scheduled backup day/week.

What tweaks can be done to help the backup process complete rather than timeout? I've already changed the memory limit in Snapshot Settings to 900M instead of the default 256M. My wp-config.php file has memory set to 40MB and max to 256MB. I've also logged a ticket with HostNine to see what their max server processing time/timeout period is set to.