problem with media after snapshot

I import 4 sites in a new fresh Multi site wordpress installation using snapshot.

in the new installation, all sites well imported and all media os ok when I see the new website on firefox withour error but
- in snapshot panel, I have :
Include common files: Media (wp-content/uploads/sites/5/sites/5)
and not :
Include common files: Media (wp-content/uploads/sites/5)
so none media include in the backup
- in wordpress panel I have problem with all media, I don't see the thumbnail and the url is wrong :
I don't know why I see .../sites/5/sites/5/...

I check in db and the guid of each media is good : for exemple
and in navigation the url is good too, in navigator I have /sites/5... in media URL and not /sites/5/sites/5...

I do'nt understand and don't know what I need to do

thank you for your help

  • Paul


    Sorry for the delay. I've been trying this morning to recreate the issue on a number of my on Multisite test systems. So far not seeing any of the similar issues you are reporting with the image paths. A couple of questions.

    1. You mentioned this was a fresh installed. Assuming this is WP 3.9 or 3.9.1, correct?

    2. What version of WordPress are the archives from? Are the archives by chance from a Multisite system originally setup prior to WP 3.5? The reason I ask this specifically is that with WordPress 3.5 and higher even if you upgrade there are some 'funky' settings it leaves in place. Mainly how the sub-site URLs are used.

    3. Can you provide a link to an archive which I can use for a test restore on my now development system to see if I can create this? It is fine if you don't want to post the URL here. I can provide a private place for you to post that.

    4. You mentioned 'I check in db and the guid of each media is good'. to be clear the GUID is not used for the image URL. The URL is created dynamically by WordPress when needed. The GUID is just what is mean Global Unique ID for a given entry. It really can be any value. Just WordPress initially sets it to be the original URL of the entry.

    5. In your Multisite go to the Network > Site area. Find the site you are having issues with for example Site ID 5. Find and click the 'Edit' link. You will see a number of tabs Info, Users, Themes, Settings. Click the Settings tab. Can you please scan the setting for anything which might contain the image URL/path? I can't find the settings in my new WP versions. But there used to be a upload path/dir settings which if restored will be used and could effect the real path of how the image URL is generated.

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