Problem with Membership 3.5 - Super User role and View Site As feature do not work

Hello. I am using Membership

When logged in as a "Super User", when I try to view a web page as another member by going to "View Site As" on the top right of the screen, nothing happens. The screen just refreshes and nothing changes. I am looking on a page where I have very specific content showing for specific access levels.

The page I am on actually displays none of the information from each of the access levels. It's just blank. It appears that the content in the access levels are blocking me, a Super User, from seeing it!

So maybe there are two problems:
1) A Super User cannot see any content enclosed in access level short codes.
2) The View Site As feature does nothing but refresh the page.

I don't know if these are 2 separate problems. Or if they are related.

Each worked fine in Membership 3.4.6.

Thank you.

  • Nick

    Hi @Jonathan!

    Unfortunately yes I am. But I see some changes. Here are all the details I experience:

    1) When in my dashboard (wp-admin), when I click "View Site As" and choose a different subscription, the screen refreshes and I see the subscription I chose next to "View Site As". So that's good that it changes.

    2) Once I click to my website from the dashboard, the "View Site As" reverts back to Membership Admin, and I do NOT see the content for the Subscription I chose in the drop down.

    3) And while on any random page on my website, when I try to choose a different subscription in the drop down, nothing happens and it stays at Membership Admin, which cannot see any private content.

    So every time I am in the Dashboard, I an successfully change the subscription in the drop down and see it change. However as soon as I go to my actual website, it reverts back. And it the drop down does not change at all when I try to do so on a page of my website.

    In addition, I don't know if this is a separate bug, but when viewing the site as an admin, I cannot see any content I have inside of a short code. I can see ALL the menu items available for any membership (for example, each membership has their own Help link, so I see 6 Help links), but when it comes to page content in between short codes, I see nothing as an admin.

    Thank you.

  • Jonathan

    Hey @Nick,

    I just visited your site using Google Chrome (and Firefox) and was able to successfully switch access levels and everything worked as expected. Could you try a different browser and see if you still have the issue? I'm thinking it might have something to do with Chrome's cache or something.

    As far as the short codes... could you point me to a specific page that is having the issue so I could see what you're seeing?

  • Nick

    Hello! It worked for you? I just tried it on Chrome, FF, IE 10, Opera, and Safari (Windows) and I am experiencing the same intermittent issues I described above. Were you changing the View Site As when you were on a specific page on my website, or in the Dashboard? Does it matter where on the site you change the membership role? Do I have to wait a few seconds before navigating around the website after I select a new membership role to view the site as?

    Also, on the top nav where it says "My Membership Benefits", that page has protected content in between the access level short codes for all 5 memberships. When I am logged in as an admin (super user), I see nothing on this page. But when I log in as a user from a specific membership, I successfully see the content meant for that membership. Maybe its supposed to work like this?

    Thank you!

  • Nick

    Hello! I have spent the last hour testing the short codes and regression testing to ensure everything else works fine. I am happy to say I now see all the protected content as an admin (super user.) Great job with fixing the short codes!

    Yes, the "View Site As" does not fully work. It works sporadically, but I cannot pinpoint a pattern of it switching back and forth between Membership Admin and one of the membership roles. I do have SSL, but I only have it for specific pages like the dashboard, registration page, profile page etc.

    And yes I am from the Boston area! Are you from there or know people there?

  • Jonathan

    Awesome! Still trying to figure out the "view site as" functionality. I think it's because your admin is protected over SSL. When you click one of the links to switch it takes you to admin link, but your front pages aren't protected by SSL so the cookies don't match up. Make sense?

    Yes, I live on the South Shore. Good ole' Taunton haha. Although, I've lived in Brockton and Weymouth too. I'm originally from Western Mass. How about you?

  • Nick

    Hello!I totally understand about the cookies not matching up because the Admin is SSL but the front end web pages are not.

    I just tested but I am still experiencing the problem. Although the pattern is much clearer now.

    1) If I am on a the home page and choose a membership from the drop down, it still shows Membership Admin.

    2) But then when I go to the Dashboard, it changes to the role I just selected on the home page.

    3) But then when I go back to the home page, it changes back to Membership Admin.

    4) And when I go back to the Dashboard again, it changes to the role I selected in step 1.

    So changing the roles in the Dashboard works perfect. It just doesn't keep it when leaving the Dashboard and going to the front pages.

    I tried this for all the roles and its the same behavior. It always shows the correct role in the Dashboard, but not on the home page. So it appears this SSL/Non SSL Cookie issue is still here.

    This is definitely a very useful feature for support, but no worries if this cannot be done because of the SSL stuff. As a workaround, I can also just manually create an account for each membership, and manually move them into the specific membership (so I won't have to pay for it) and log into each one for support reasons.

    But if you can figure it out, it would be a great feature!

    Oh and that's awesome you are on the South Shore! I am in Danvers! Wow the WPMU has developers all over...I have spoken to people from Greece, India, and now Taunton, MA!

    You have done a fantastic job taking over development of this plugin. The amount of fixes in the past 2 weeks for 3.5+ has been fantastic!

  • Nick

    Thanks @Jonathan!

    I cleared my cookies. This seems to be working n the Dashboard and front pages now, except for one page...the My Membership Benefits page. When I am on other front pages or the Dashboard on the role I selected, when I go back to the My Membership Benefits page it reverts the drop down back to Membership Admin.

    It's so weird. Did you try clicking that link when you tested? I have that page set to the Registration Completed Page under Membership > Options (if that makes a difference?)

    Thank you!

  • Nick

    WOW! It works great! Now that this is working, it is a VERY powerful tool you have for the Membership plugin. Being able to instantly change a membership role on any page to see the differences in the content for testing and support purposes is a majorly awesome and useful feature.

    Really, really, really nice job with this!

    Also, I wanted to write a note of praise for the work of you and other WPMU support associates over the last few weeks getting the updated Membership plugin working so great for so many people. Where would I submit such a note? As a new support ticket? I want to make sure people can see it so they know how great you all have been.

    Thanks again!

  • Jonathan

    Awesome! That's great news. Glad we finally got it working! I've made sure the changes I made on your server get into the next release so you don't have to worry about an update breaking anything.

    I've included @James Farmer (our fearless leader) here as I'm sure he'll be happy to hear the praise as well. He should also be able to suggest the best place to write your note. :slight_smile:

    Thanks Nick! Go Sox! :slight_smile:

  • Nick

    It is my pleasure @James Farmer @James Farmer,

    I want to publicly thank Jonathon, Aristath, PC, Vinod, and Jack for all for their incredible hard work on the Membership plugin the last few weeks. Version 3.4.6 was around for a long time and worked great. But the new version ( at the time I am writing this) has fixed many issues to make this plugin that much better.

    Upgrading a plugin with many fixes and enhancements must be a difficult task knowing that many people using the plugin will run into issues. I did run into some issues, but their quick responses and willingness to help me through many meticulous details has made the upgrade a great experience.

    I was following most of the support requests pertaining to the Membership upgrade, and I saw the WPMU developers were troubleshooting issues, and fixing them for each user as they came in. They identified the issues quickly and released updates with fixes on a daily basis. To me, that is superior customer service and proof WPMU developers truly care about their users and try their best to make their users’ websites shine with the WPMU plugins.

    Personally, I believe this WPMU Membership Pro plugin is the best on the market (I tried many others.) Combine the power of the Membership plugin with your excellent, speedy, and incredibly knowledgeable customer support (and the industry’s only live chatting 7 days a week!) and you have gained me as a customer for life. I will make sure to recommend WPMU to all my fellow WordPress aficionado and developers.

    I am writing this on my own free will as a customer of WPMU. I have submitted tons of support requests and attended almost every live chat session each weekend, and just wanted to write this to express my gratitude and thanks for the support team as well as the product from a satisfied, paying customer.

    Again, thank you all for your amazing customer service. You all have played a major role in helping me realizing my goals with my website. Almost launch time for my website!