Problem with Membership 3.5 - Super User role and View Site As feature do not work

Hello. I am using Membership

When logged in as a "Super User", when I try to view a web page as another member by going to "View Site As" on the top right of the screen, nothing happens. The screen just refreshes and nothing changes. I am looking on a page where I have very specific content showing for specific access levels.

The page I am on actually displays none of the information from each of the access levels. It's just blank. It appears that the content in the access levels are blocking me, a Super User, from seeing it!

So maybe there are two problems:
1) A Super User cannot see any content enclosed in access level short codes.
2) The View Site As feature does nothing but refresh the page.

I don't know if these are 2 separate problems. Or if they are related.

Each worked fine in Membership 3.4.6.

Thank you.