Problem With Membership Plugin

I couldn't get the PPV plugin to work, so we opted for the Membership plugin. We have a summit this weekend, and it doesn't work.

It signs people up, but it dumps them into the profile page (which seems odd, it should send them to the membership page they were trying to access).

The problem is, when a logged in user tries to access the protected page (that they should be able to see), it wants them to sign in again. It doesn't give them the content.

There's also something wierd going on w/ cookies. Pages don't load, or get a blank white page (protected or not).

So, basically, this plug in isn't functioning, and because I wasted so much time trying to solve issues w/ the other plugins, I'm out of time, so I need this solved by tomorrow.

This is for

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in these plugins.