Problem with members/subscribers login in system

I am using BP Corporate Theme with PaidMembershipPro plugin.

I find that when you login to the site using the regular BP Corporate login area that sits just below to the right of the menu bar, it just takes you to another larger login screen.
(See screen shot attached.)
This screen shot shows both the BP Corporate login area and the larger login area.

If you attempt (as a subscriber/member) to login to this new area, you are taken straight into the admin back end, not the site content / protected content area it self.

I need members to be able login easily and go directly into the site and be able interact with the protected content. I don’t really want people going directly into the admin back end. Whist it is easy to navigate back to the site, for a new visitor it just wont work.

Any suggestions or guidance warmly received.

Kindest retards to all