Problem with Multi-Domains Plugin

Hi there,

There are 2 problems I am experiencing with the Multi-Domains plugin:

1. The "select a template" is no longer showing in the settings on the latest 2 versions
2. The welcome-email which is sent out after a new site is activated is defaulting back to the standard Wordpress message even though I have the Ultimate branding plugin activated. (This is the second email sent out for new sites with the subject line reading "New Wordpress Site: Sitename"

Just to make doubly 100% sure that the multi-domains plugin is responsible for the welcome-message email error, the following has been done:

> I have installed a brand new Wordpress multisite installation on a spare domain
> When I mean brand-new, its a new cpanel account, with a new database created, and Wordpress 3.8.3 was installed via FTP
> The error occurs on WP 3.8.2, 3.8.3, and now the updated 3.9 version (I know it occurs on 3.8.2 from my other installation)
> The error occurs on the last 3 versions of the multi-domains plugin
> I have wildcard dns activated
> The site-domain has been set up without the www on both url's
> All multisite settings have been added to wp-config
> The multisite settings have been updated in htaccess (permalinks were changed before adding multisite and existing htaccess script was deleted)
> I can add an image to the site, so file & directory permissions are set correctly
> The only plugins installed on the new installation are WPMUDEV dashboard, ultimate-branding, and multi-domains
> I am using php-mail and NOT a smtp-plugin
> I have not installed any other plugins on the system and then deleted them again
> The 2 default plugins (Akismet & Hello Dolly) are NOT activated
> I am using a dedicated ip address
> The config.php file includes the Sunrise definition script
> I am using CPanel with my WHM server
> When I deactivate the multi-domains plugin, the welcome-message sent out is the custom message generated by the ultimate-branding plugin (ie the subject then reads: "New Platform-Name Site: Site Name"
> If I deactivate both plugins and then activate multi-domains first, I still get the same negative result (sunrise is also reloaded during this process)
> When activating the plugins I changed the directory permissions for the wp-content & plugin folders to 777 from 775 just encase they need to talk to each other
> New sites created both from admin and the front-end work perfectly
> I am testing this with the Wordpress Twenty-Fourteen theme
> I have tested this on 2 other Wordpress multisite platforms with the same negative result

You are welcome to request access to the test-platform to have a look for yourself

I would appreciate the lead-developer being notified about this thread and also based on functionality now missing from the settings page as well.

Please can a solution be found to the above.

Many thanks!