Problem with Multisite content copier

I purchased and installed "Multisite content copier" yesterday.
I installed the plugin locally in my computer (wamp) and i tried to copy some pages without success.
After some investigation I noticed that a table was not created in my database (wp_mcc_queue).
When i tried to create the table manually (i found the code in model.php) an error occured "SQL Error (1101): BLOB/TEXT column 'settings' can't have a default value".
I allowed null values for the field settings and the table created succesfully.
I tried to use the plugin and is working but some custom image field that i create with the "advance custom fields" plugin not copied correctly. The media copied but on the copied page the "custom image field" have and empty "src".
Also the post format was not copied correctly (I renamed some of them).
Any advice to fix this issue will be appreciated

Thank you (sorry for my poor english :slight_smile:

  • Vaughan

    Hi @george,

    Welcome to wpmudev.

    Thanks for the report, I have just checked the code and confirm the default in the text field, I have marked this as a bug for the developer. Hopefully this will be fixed shortly.

    I'm not sure that will affect the ACF plugin tho, but could you grant support access so we can take a look?


  • George

    Dear Vaughan,

    Thank you for your reply.
    As I say it's a local instalation (domain set in windows hosts file) so i think it's not possible to login to my local wp site.

    I send you some screenshots.

    acf_image_field.jpg : configuration ACF plugin.
    page.jpg : source page
    mcc_copy_options.jpg : multisite copy content options
    copied_page_wrong_format.jpg : copied page wrong format
    copied_page_wrong_acf_image.jpg : copied page acf image src empty

    For sure the wrong "Create table" syntax not affect the problem that I describe.

    I install the 2 plugins on a fresh installation and the problem continues.

    Thank you.

  • Ignacio

    Hi @George.

    I've been trying to integrate advanced custom fields with MCC and there are some points you'll need to have in mind:

    - ACF is difficult to integrate. Due to the way ACF waves the data in database is impossible to know what fields are images so you'll need some custom coding for every image field in ACF. I created a new plugin for your welcome image (attached to this post:, unzip it, upload to plugins folder and activate it). If you add more images fields you'll need to develop your own solution. At least this plugin could be useful as a starting point.

    - You'll need first to make a copy of ACF Custom Post Types. Just go to Multisite Content Copier>Copy Custom Post Type, you should copy the 'acf' CPT in the next screen. Select your group fields and that's all.

    - When you try to copy a page with a featured image, you'll need to check the "Copy images" in MCC wizard.

    - You need to install the new MCC version attached too, I've changed a lot of things about the way images are copied.

    I think that's all for the moment, let me know if everything is OK for you or if you have further questions.


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