Problem with Multisite content copier

I purchased and installed “Multisite content copier” yesterday.

I installed the plugin locally in my computer (wamp) and i tried to copy some pages without success.

After some investigation I noticed that a table was not created in my database (wp_mcc_queue).

When i tried to create the table manually (i found the code in model.php) an error occured “SQL Error (1101): BLOB/TEXT column ‘settings’ can’t have a default value”.

I allowed null values for the field settings and the table created succesfully.

I tried to use the plugin and is working but some custom image field that i create with the “advance custom fields” plugin not copied correctly. The media copied but on the copied page the “custom image field” have and empty “src”.

Also the post format was not copied correctly (I renamed some of them).

Any advice to fix this issue will be appreciated

Thank you (sorry for my poor english :slight_smile: