Problem with New Blog Templates - admin vs non admin differences

Hi all,

I'm having a problem with the New Blog Templates plugin which keeps me confused.

Whenever I create a new blog logged in as admin (on my sign-up page: ), the plugin does exactly what it should do:

Copy this one:
To this one:

This is the one and only blog template I have set up, and beside the two testing cases in this topic I do not have any other blogs yet either.

However, and this is my problem, when I log out as an admin, and I sign up, this time creating a new account and verifying it through email, I get this:

It seems that when a non registered user registers for a blog a lot of things aren't being copied from the database, a lot of pages and functionalities are missing, but when I myself register a blog logged in as an admin, the plugin works perfectly.

Spooky. Do you guys know what this could be?


  • Debbie

    Hiya Phil!

    These are the plugins I'm currently using in addition to the blog templates plugin:
    Supporter ads
    Supporter themes
    Dashboard widgets order
    User spam remover
    User switching
    Greg's High performance SEO
    And one under construction plugin to hide the homepage for now.

    When I go to the backend of both newly made blogs, only the pages that are visible in each blog are listed. So for the non-admin test that's three pages, and for the admin test there are six.

    I figured out why the three pages are showing up - these are automatically made by wordpress (the about page (this is 'over' in dutch)), the first news item ('hello world!') and two pages my restaurant theme is creating. So basically the blog template plugin is doing nothing when I create a blog not logged in.

    I tried disabling all plugins except for the new blog templates plugin and trying again, but that didn't make a difference. I didn't try disabling the supporter and anti-splog plugins in the mu-plugins folder though, since I don't know how to do that without completely removing them from my server.


  • Philip John

    Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for providing all that - it's very useful! I have some other suggestions now...

    First you can disable the plugins in mu-plugins by simply renaming that directory temporarily. Try renaming it to mu-plugins2 and trying your tests again.

    So... it looks like the About page and Hello World! explain themselves - they are created anyway, which is good :slight_smile:

    The theme pages are likely created when the theme is activated. So, we need to determine if the theme is in fact being activated properly.

    Have a look in and check that your restaurant theme is available to sub-sites. It should have Yes checked next to it...

    Check those out for me and we'll see where we are after that!

    Good luck,

  • Debbie

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for taking the time to think this through with me, I really appreciate it.

    I tried renaming the mu-plugins folder and then trying the signup without admin login again, but still only the about page shows up. I stopped the restaurant theme from creating the pages on signup, just to be sure, perhaps it could be interfering with the new blog templates plugin, but that also didn't make any difference.

    I double checked, and on the theme I'm using has been checked 'Yes' to all users.

    I can't think of anything else that could be wrong. Admin signs up, the new blog templates plugin works perfectly. Someone else signs up, the plugin doesn't do it's job at all. It will be quite lonely with just me signing up there :wink:

    I hope you have more knowledge on this and can think of a solution. Oh, I also tried downloading the latest version of the plugin manually from this website (although I had updated it automatically before) and that also didn't make any difference.


  • Debbie

    Okay, I'm still trying some things.

    I made a new blog template from a new blog with the default 'Twenty ten' Wordpress theme, so not the theme that I was using before. Just to check if my theme was doing things wrong. I made it the default blog template, checked the boxes to copy everything and logged out as an admin. When signing up as a guest, I got the same as before, the restaurant theme and the about page in it. This shouldn't be the case, since I changed the blog templates default to be the Twenty ten theme. When logging back in and signing up as an admin, I get the new blog with the new default blog template used perfectly as expected.

    So in other words: when I'm not logged in, the new blog templates plugin just doesn't seem to work or exist at all.

  • Debbie

    Hey Phil,

    The New Blog Templates is indeed Network Activated. I'll see if making it available to supporter blogs (if it isn't already) will make any difference.

    If you guys have any advice on how to start things over (well, without installing my network from scratch, that is) that's also welcome. I would try anything at this point, haha.

    Also, I'm running Wordpress 3.0.4 en the latest New Blog Templates update.


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