problem with PayPal sandbox payment for events

i've been trying to test a new implementation of the Events+ plugin for paid events and every time i make a payment (using sandbox mode) and return to the website, it tells me the event is not yet paid for.

i also tested using live PayPal and it seems to work fine, so the problem appears to only be with sandbox mode.

i've tracked down where the problem is, and was wondering if the plugin could be fixed?

i know it's only the sandbox but it would be good if my client could fully test the implementation using fake money (before we go live with real money).

i added some logging code to the Eab_EventsHub::process_paypal_ipn method and the response from PayPal sandbox is:
Invalid Host header

i don't know enough about PayPal sandbox to know why this response is being generated but this should help your developer to track down the problem.

michaela :slight_smile:

  • bluefern
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    sorry, looks like i can't attach log or txt files, so here is my log content:

    Connecting to PayPal sandbox.
    REQUEST ...
    RESPONSE ...
    Invalid Host header
  • Vaughan
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    let me just get the developer on this for you. i seem to remember there can be some issues with sandbox mode, but can't remember whether it was this plugin or something entirely unrelated. though live mode works, so that's good.

    hopefully he'll respond shortly.

    i do notice though in the pdf you posted, might be unrelated. but the headers are using http 1.0 and paypal requires http 1.1


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