Problem with Period Pass: Facebook and Twitter login don't work

Hi there,
I had installed Pay per View plugin and I had solved some issues thanks to the forum. But I still have an issue with Period Pass. When I click on a Period Pass button (access for 1 day for example) on a desktop computer or mobile devices, it shows the login button of Facebook, Twitter and Wordpress + register and cancel buttons. If I click on Facebook or Twitter I can Login without problem but them it send me immediately to a Paypal error page (See screenshot attached).

If I click again on a Period Pass button, this time it send me immediately to the Paypal error page mentioned above WITHOUT showing the login buttons. I have to clean/delete all cookies to be able to see again the Login buttons.

How can I solve this issue and make Period Pass works properly with Login and Paypal?

Please, Notice that One Time View works properly.

I have a second question:

How can I remove Login with Wordpress button? see attachment

Thank a lot
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