Problem with PopUp Pro + OptimizePress


We've integrated the WPMU PopUp Pro plugin in this website, that uses OptimizePress theme:

We have two popups, one set up to show on mobile devices only on homepage and another on a specific page, for desktop.

In general terms it's working fine (only with the "Custom Ajax" Popup loading method, none of the others work) the rules are followed, etc...

However, we're using as content for the popup the Opt-in box feature from OptimizePress theme, that generates a shortcode that is interpreted correctly inside the popup, only problem is that the thank you page url setting of that feature doesn't work when using ajax, because the page doesn't reload I guess. With previous versions of the plugin it was working fine.

I thought that, ajax being most probably the problem, using the "Page footer" loading method would fix it, but if I choose that method, nothing shows up, the whole popup doesn't work. I'm sure OptimizePress has the default WP hooks needed for this to work, so I'm not sure what's the reason that it doesn't work with that method.

Could you please give your advice of how we could possibly fix this?

The page where the popup with the thank you page redirect is used is this:

However, it is not active right now because we don't want to use it until it redirects correctly to the thank you page after signup.

Let me know if you need me to turn it on to make tests or anything as we need this fixed ASAP

Thanks for your support,

David Riveroll