Problem with ProSites expired accounts

I have ProSites with pay to blog. We offer a 30 day free trial but do not have a free level site. When sites expire I am having 2 problems
1. Subscribers have no way to log into their account to pay for service
In ProSites settings, there is an option to disable Front End (which disables front end and back. Is there some way to disable front but NOT the back so that they can login and pay their account?

2. Expiration Email notification is not being sent out! I've developed a mailchimp autoresponder but then there is no merge tag to access their site. I cannot find what the URL to upgrade even is! I'm using the plugin "Checkout Rows" if that makes a difference. I have rebranded ProSites to Using Essential Oils

As you can imagine, this is a real problem. I've also requested a feature for adding the paypal account info at time of signup to provide continuity of websites.

  • antKat

    Thanks for the quick reply Ari,
    I tested it and you are right that they can access the main site (which typically they do not go to) and then renew their account.

    Is there any way that they could access their own back-end to renew their account. It would be so much simpler - and as I said previously, the stored paypal account info at signup would be the best method for continuity and less confusion. I realize that it may discourage some free trials - but overall - would be the best method - what is the status of including in future release?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hello, antKat, happy Sunday!

    1. Right no, no, that's not an option. It's a really good idea, however. Can I suggest making a new topic in the Features & Feedback forum so our devs can find it easier?

    2. On your email issue, can you give me a few more details? You mention MailChimp, are you using a MailChimp integration plugin to send all your WordPress mail? Can you run a test for me, and disable any plugins that might send email and see if the expiration emails are properly sent?