Problem with Prosites plugin older than version 3.5


For personal reasons, I have to work with the prosites plugin version

If I then try to use the affiliate plugin with this prosites 'old' version, the affiliates settings are not displayed in the prosites setting page.

So I looked at the /affiliateincludes/addons/supporter.php file and I think I found where some fix could be made:

1) line 20:
if( 3.5 >= $psts->version ) {

the test is always true, even if $psts->version=

2) line 175:
if( false === $active_tab || 'affiliate' == $active_tab ) {

the test is always false. Should be fixed by replacing the line with:
if( false == $active_tab || 'affiliate' == $active_tab ) {

3) line 209:
$psts_tabs = 3.5 >= $psts->version ? true : false;

Here again the test is always true, so $psts_tabs is always set on 'true' value.

Thanks for saying if I am right in my analysis and if this could be fixed on the next affiliate plugin release.