Problem with Q&A and Directory

Hi guys,

I am using a headway for my team and I have so far been unable to use either the Q&A or the listing plugin and I think it is because they use virtual pages instead of normal wordpress page. I am not willing to touch my headway theme maker and I also want to use WPMU plugins as I believe they are just spot on to develop my website at

Could someone let me know if I can get some support concerning these matters and if it is possible to create normal pages instead of creating virtual pages?

I will be very grateful if the team can help me as I do not know coding.

1st problem is with the Q&A and the problem can be found here -->
When I click on the ask a question or on unanswered it disrupt the theme completely leaving the form with the background image.

The second problem is with the listing.
All pages are just plain white. can be seen here: -->

Many thanks

Peacefully Yours,