Problem with "registered users only blog" being visible to all users


I’ve installed this module and it does not seem to be working on my local machine test install (a Mac using MAMP for domain admin).

I have the following settings :-

Default Setting = Only allow a registered user to see a blog for which they are registered to.

Allow Override = No

Update all blogs = Yes

and click Update Options.

my test install is called http://localhost.localdomain and I have set up a new blog called http://morven.localhost.localdomain but that domain is visible to any visitor whether they are a register user of the main site or not.

I do all my admin work in Firefox and my User testing in Safari to make sure I do not get the user settings confusing.

Am I misunderstanding what this module does or am I doing something wrong? I assumed that using these settings that no-one would be able to get to the http://morven.localhost.localdomain blog.

All hep gratefully received.


WordPress MU = V2.8.6

BuddyPress = V1.1.3

Theme = BP Corporate