!! Problem with renew button and Finite vs Serial

OK - I thought I had this figured out BUT I'll try to be as clear as I can here.

I set up a membership "Professional" that I want to have a year (365 days) that provides a button to renew 60 days before it expires.

I set up all members currently in the association, added their subscription level "professional" which was Finite, 365 and moved their payment gateway from Admin to Paypal-Solo.

The problem was that NO RENEW button was coming up. I read in the manual that the RENEW button wasn't available on the solo payment gateway, so I set up the Standard. There was no option there to define the Renew button. I checked and there was still NO renew button.

I read in the community that this was not because of the gateway, but because of the "Finite" option. I moved back to the "Solo" gateway on the test member. I set the subscription to "Serial" (365) and a renewal option appeared.

A day later I notice 6 members had all renewed at the same minute and thought it suspicious. I checked paypal -there was no transactions. It appears that the "serial" setting renewed them WITHOUT charging them (obviously - it would have no information to charge with) but didn't expire them either.

I changed the subscription BACK to Finite and YES, again the RENEW button went away.

Please help. This seems like such a simple issue. I want members to be able to renew a subscription any time unto 60 days prior to expiration but then actually expire - obviously - or drop to "Visitor" status.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Kipp,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    The single payment gateway actually does have a renew button. That's a mistake in the docs. Sorry about that! I'll flag the docs writers here.

    Can you try that one out and see if it works?

    If not, let me know and I'll take a closer look :slight_smile: Also, it is a good idea to upgrade to version, as it has some gateway fixes in it.

    Look forward to your reply!


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Kipp,

    Thanks for the quick reply. If it's a 365 day subscription then the renewal form won't show up until the 305th day. If you set the renewal period at 60 that is. So, if I'm understanding this correctly, then you shouldn't be seeing the renewal form right now :slight_smile: if it was a 60 day subscription or if you change the renewal period to 365 days then you would see it now.

    Hope that helps! Let me know if you still have further questions.


  • Kipp


    These are established members in our association. They were manually added from our current membership (admin gateway). I then went to phpMyAdmin and changed the expirydate to their current expiration date in the wp_m_membership_relationships table. I left the startdate and updatedate unchanged (all are 7/9/2014 when they were manually added).

    So... for example my own membership expires this September 18 and should show up. As well as a "Test" member I added through the same process that should be showing up with an expiry date of 8/27/2014.

    Does that help you understand the situation better? The renew button *should* be showing up on the Finite 360 with 60 day renew and it is not.

  • Kipp

    @Tyler Postle
    @Vaughan (answered a previous post).

    I also tried setting the renewal time in settings to 365 and it continues to not show up.

    I also tried making the startdate and updatedate match as one year prior to the epirydate in the php table but this had no effect either.

    The setting to "serial" seems to work, except it renewed 6 members yesterday "automatically" and obviously without going through paypal.

    Please advise - this is a critical issue. @Tyler Postle@Vaughan

  • Kipp

    thank you Ari -

    I changed the payment gateway by entering everyone who was currently a member in as members, then changing the payment gateway with the settings available through membership (change payment gateway from Admin to Papal Solo) then going back and changing the expirydate with myadminphp. I didn't update any "transaction keys." We didn't (and don't want to have) auto renewal, just the ability to renew prior to the end date. I did look at paypal and found there is info there about a "unique transaction ID" is that what you are referring to? Is there a php table or a location in membership where I should enter the "transaction key"?

  • Kipp

    I kept the solo gateway as it is the only one with the "renew" button designation - the 'standard' paypal gateway doesn't identify a renew button. I converted the subscription to "serial." The next day I noted that there were 5 people that renewed at exactly the same minute. I thought it was unusual (obviously) and checked that paypal had in fact no received a payment and none were pending. The time that they "renewed" was at about the same time that I converted the subscription to "serial" so I believe that is what happened.

    I haven't had the "standard" gateway AND the "serial" subscription setting at the same time yet.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Kipp,

    Thanks for your patience here!

    and checked that paypal had in fact no received a payment and none were pending.

    This is the correct behaviour, as with single payments, they will have to actually go through the payment process each time.

    Which users were they? and just to clarify, was their membership set to expire at this time or did they just randomly renew mid-membership?

    Look forward to your reply here Kipp!


  • Kipp

    No offense but this is getting tedious and way to slow to fix a problem that could be causing my organization a lot of money and pissed off members. Is there a way I can call someone? I keep getting random bits of advice and questions that are frankly "obvious" but take a day to hear back on. --- Yes, I know that on solo payments there should be no pending payments... that wasn't my concern.

    I want a website that will allow people to manually update, not auto renew, and will allow that renewal to happen 30 days prior to expiration date. I want this for several subscription-level combinations that are independent of each other, not upgrades. I already have members who have paid (before membership) and I manually added them as users, manually added their subscription-level combos and I manually went to the phpmyadmin to set their expiration dates. I then moved the member gateway off of "admin" to paypal.


    On advice I got in another ticket I set up with paypal standard gateway, finite, 365 days, and "30 day" for renewal and moved all the members to "standard" gateway and deactivated the solo-single payment gateway. When I did a test membership I got an error from Paypal stating that I had several variables that needed to be defined A3, T something...

    I have reset BACK to single payment paypal gateway, reset all the member gateways to single payment paypal, and kept the main subscription as Finite 365... hopefully it is working to accept the main professional membership for new members (and members who have expired and are rejoining).

    NOW - there is no RENEW button showing 30 days prior... please advise.
    NOW - the other subscription-level combo subscription buttons don't work, it just sends them back to the subscription page.

    I need these things fixed - is there a chance that I can get some phone support or set up a time to go through this stepwise with someone?

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Kipp,

    Thanks for the explanation there.

    Very sorry for the tedious thread here. I will be online for the next 6 hours and will keep a close eye on this thread so the replies will be more speedy :slight_smile:

    Finite, won't show a renew button because by definition it must end.

    To get the renewal button you need to have Single PayPal Payments and serial selected. Then have a 30 day renewal period, if that's what you're wanting. I am thinking that all the gateway swapping that happened may have caused the auto-renewal you experienced.

    This setup should give you exactly what you're after :slight_smile:

    As mentioned earlier, I'll keep a close eye on this thread for your reply!


  • Kipp

    Sorry after a 14 hour day yesterday I called it quits and missed your email until this AM.

    I will set to serial and monitor leaving the gateway on solo and only having the solo gateway active.

    I will try to report on how that works for the renew button and the additional subscription-level purchases.

    QUESTION: If I use a serial subscription - do I need to place a follower-visitor subscription-level combo AFTER the 365-serial or will leaving nothing after that subscription be OK?

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