!! Problem with renew button and Finite vs Serial

OK – I thought I had this figured out BUT I’ll try to be as clear as I can here.

I set up a membership “Professional” that I want to have a year (365 days) that provides a button to renew 60 days before it expires.

I set up all members currently in the association, added their subscription level “professional” which was Finite, 365 and moved their payment gateway from Admin to Paypal-Solo.

The problem was that NO RENEW button was coming up. I read in the manual that the RENEW button wasn’t available on the solo payment gateway, so I set up the Standard. There was no option there to define the Renew button. I checked and there was still NO renew button.

I read in the community that this was not because of the gateway, but because of the “Finite” option. I moved back to the “Solo” gateway on the test member. I set the subscription to “Serial” (365) and a renewal option appeared.

A day later I notice 6 members had all renewed at the same minute and thought it suspicious. I checked paypal -there was no transactions. It appears that the “serial” setting renewed them WITHOUT charging them (obviously – it would have no information to charge with) but didn’t expire them either.

I changed the subscription BACK to Finite and YES, again the RENEW button went away.

Please help. This seems like such a simple issue. I want members to be able to renew a subscription any time unto 60 days prior to expiration but then actually expire – obviously – or drop to “Visitor” status.