Problem with replacing default sidebars- continued

Hi Michelle,

First of all, Tjalling went on holidays and passed this on to me. My name is Ruud. Actually our company is Tjalling’s customer. But that shouldn’t be a problem.

I checked your tip but that didn’t help. This only concerns the Main Sidebar for selected Archive Types. The problem is not that we cannot get it working on the front page and the blog page. The problem is that we cannot attach a CUSTOM MADE sidebar (Special Sidebar) to a unique Post or Page.
For example: I made a special sidebar called ‘standaard BCI sidebar’. I want this sidebar to be shown on the page So in the Admin, in the metabox of that specific page I choose the ‘standaard BCI sidebar’ from the Main Sidebar pull-down menu. After clicking Update it is not shown on the page.

If I’m right you will have access to our site until 18:23 hrs today.

With kind regards,
Ruud Huijer