Problem with Revive Old Post plugin


I saw your good blog post rounding up some plugins at:

I have downloaded and tried to get working the free revive old post plugin.

I got it integrated with Twitter easily but having real problems with Facebook. I want to check it works with FB before buying the Pro version of the plugin.

When you go to connect FB it pops up instructions which unfortunately don’t match the current layout of FB and my wife and I are very confused.

I have tried to follow the instructions to the best of my ability and create an app.

However I end up having to fill out all sorts of fields on FB that don’t seem at all relevant to just integrating with a WP plugin and more attuned to creating a public app for sale – eg it required me to create icons, privacy policy and then submit for review. I ended up giving up when it wanted screen shots of the app working in development mode.

Where am I going wrong and how can I get this WP plugin to work with FB? I would love to have an automated solution for sharing posts to Twitter, FB and linkedin. I have written to the plugin author but no reply as of yet.