Problem with the plugin "New User Default Profile"

I found a plugin at

I believe this is part of WPMU DEV, but not positive. If so, I'm noticing an issue with it and would like advice.

The issue is, I also use a plugin called "User Role Editor" from

I use this editor to create additional and customized roles.

But when I use the WPMU Default User Role plugin, I am not seeing the customized roles that I create using the User Role Editor. It is important that I can see them since I have created customized roles for users that get set up with websites.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a way that I can see these additional roles that are created with the User Role Editor plugin, when I use the WPMU Default User Role plugin??



  • DavidM
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    Hi Gary,

    Just to clarify, we don't actually develop the WPMU Default User Role plugin. However, use of these types of plugins is very common and I'm sure you'll find some help with them here, but you can always rely on the public forums for the individual plugins as well.

    That said, the following plugin has actually been updated for WP 3.2.

    Perhaps that'll work for you instead?


  • Gary M. Gordon
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    Hmmm. I guess I'm a little confused and somewhat disappointed. I thought that WPMU Dev did in fact create / develop the themes and plugins that are available with my membership.

    Do you develop any of them? If so, (if you don't mind my asking) .. percentage wise, how many does WPMU Dev actually develop and how many are provided by other outside developers?

    And, of the ones that are provided by outside developers, I guess I would have thought that they would still (in some fashion) answer to "you" if questions arise, issues are found, etc. So, I was hoping you (meaning WPMU) could contact the developer of this plugin and assist by finding out how to help me with the question/issue I noted.

    I guess I kind of expected that (in one way or another) WPMU would actually be able to assist (technically, etc.) with any plugins and/or themes made available through this membership program.

    One of the reasons I subscribed to your service was that I wanted to have a single source that I could go to with questions, concerns, etc., regarding the plugins / themes that were offered through the service.

    My concern for using the plugins offered by WPMU (being that I am presuming you don't necessarily develop all of them yourself, meaning under the roof of WPMU) is that somewhere down the road, a plugin may be discontinued or stop working or whatever. And, since WPMU isn't developing them all, it's possible that support for a plugin or theme (at somepoint down the road) could cease to be available, especially if the actual developer is no longer available, etc.

    I'm just concerned.

    By the way, I believe I tried the Multisite User Management plugin, but it seemed to have a conflict with one of your other plugins. At least that's a message I saw displayed and I think it was one of your plugins that it had an issue with.

    Don't get me wrong, I appreciated your reply, your comments and help. I just signed up with WPMU because I thought (which now I realize I was wrong) WPMU created and developed all of the plugins and themes that were offered, and would also be there to provide specific technical help with all of them. But if you didn't develop a plugin or a theme, I guess your ability to dive in and help by making coding modifications, etc., isn't something I can expect.

    Your thoughts?

    Please clarify any misunderstandings that I may be having.


  • Gary M. Gordon
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus


    By the way, I did already have the Multisite User Management plugin installed. But this doesn't help me set the "default role" as new website users are set up .. with new websites. It only allows me to set the default role for new website users .. on sites that already exist.

    That's why the issue with the WPMU Default User Role plugin is so important for it to pick up the additional roles I created with the User Role Editor plugin.

    Any advice?

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