problem with the taxonomy script


Having an issue with the taxonomy upgrade. I installed the 5.1 version of the multidb code, added the tables to the config file and ran the upgrade as per Donncha's instructions in the forums.

- It's supposed to be global tables within the global database, right? The upgrade dropped them into all of the individual databases alongside the individual blogs (ie wp_80_term_relationships, wp_80_terms, etc.)

I did add in the database names to the global list:

$table_list['global'][8] = 'usermeta';
$table_list['global'][9] = 'users';
//new WP 2.3 tables
$table_list['global'][10] = 'terms';
$table_list['global'][11] = 'term_taxonomy';
$table_list['global'][12] = 'term_relationships';

The setup is ignoring it again I'm afraid.

Currently looking at version 1073-ish.

Hoping you can assist.


(upgrading to 1069 was a *cough*)