Problem with the WPMU DEV Dashboard, my account, and getting the plugins I want to install.

I've got a problem with the WPMU DEV Dashboard, my account, and also having trouble installing a plugin.

First, I just upgraded to the "WPMU DEV Full Annual Membership" earlier today, and despite that, I am still seeing the promo/ad copy "WPMU members get..." overlay in the WPMU DEV dashboard. Why does this still try to do the hard sell to me, when I've already bought the upgrade?

Also, I am unable to install the plugin I need (Membership2 Pro). First, when viewing the list of plugins from within the WPMU DEV Dashboard, the button still reads "Upgrade to Install"... why? I've just upgraded.

I click that button anyway, and taken to a screen with the option to Install or Download. Great! I click on Install, which opens yet another screen where I have to click Install again, install happens. What does happen is I am taken back to the Dashboard info screen about the plugin. And of course, it's STILL telling me to upgrade, even though (you guessed it) I'm already upgraded. This process just repeats itself in an endless loop of install + back to info screen, over and over.

Can you fix this or help me understand why my Dashboard doesn't seem to acknowledge that I have the WPMU DEV Full Annual Membership and quite trying to upsell me?

  • Milan
    • WordPress Wizard

    Hi @Ria,

    I hope you are having a good day. ( Except this issue.. :slight_smile: )

    When I tried to logged in to your site. I asked to enter username and password by your server. I've attached screenshot of that prompt. Please fix this if your issue remains after applying below troubleshooting.

    Wpmudev dashboard get's membership information from server. So if your wpmudev-dashborad is showing you message to upgrade. Please head over to and check there status of your membership.

    If everything is fine there then you may have forgot to synchronize your wpmudev-dashboard with server. Normally automatic synchronization happens every 12 hours. or you can do this manually by going to WPMU DEV ---> updates . You will see there tab saying Available updates . Click on it. At the bottom of tab you will see message saying your status about your last synchronized time to server. next to that message you will see link update now . Click on it. This will synchronize wpmudev-dashboard with server instantly.

    After this process your wpmudev-dashboard will works normally and won't ask you to upgrade anymore.. :slight_smile:

    I hope this helps you and if it doesn't please let me know about it.

    Milan Savaliya
    Support Staff( WPMUDEV )

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