Problem with translation of Anti-Splog plugin

Sorry guys, lots of question these days ! :wink:

I have a problem with the translation of the Anti-Splog plugin... I exported the .po and .mo files from your Translation database here in WPMUDev, and then did some more edit with PoEdit (just some translation's change, no settings or anything).

Since that, when I use a french character as "é" for example ("é" in HTML), that character appears all messed up on my website appears as "?".

That's weird cause in all of my translation of language files (even from your themes and plugins), I had no problems with using special characters as "é", "à", etc.

I tried to use the HTML code of the character in the POEdit translation and it works, but frankly it's a pain and I'm sure there is an easier way...

Maybe it's an encoding problem or something ?

Do you know where I can fix that in POEdit ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.