Problem with user status plugin, media and https


My website is now with a SSL certificate and everyting with a https address. I have changed all my address but I have still a warning bar (“all the display is not displayed because not sure blablabla” for IE and same thing for Firefox)

When I tried a firefug on my website, I can see 2 errors, one with the status plugin (CSS and call of the plugin) who is still in http and I didn t manage to change the URL in plugin editor.

Other problem is with my logo. My theme uploaded my logo from my computer (didn t find a a path to upload from my website) and I didn t manage to have a https for the address of the picture. How I could put all the images from WP Media with a https and not a http?

Ps : I m with a multisite WP.

Have you got a solution for my 2 problems?

Thank you.