Problem with -->You may track the latest status of your order(s) here:

Hi guys,

I have my first shopping cart up and running. You can see it at I went live with the site today and I had one of my friends try to purchase one of the downloads using a coupon so that we could test out if the delivery system was working.

I had my suspicions because I had to manually upload my digital product due to the max post upload file size issue. Hostgator only allowed me a max of 64MB and these are pro recorded and mastered albums well in excess of the 64 MB limit. I did ask here on Support if I uploaded it manually and put the file location address manually into the "Products Download File URL" box.

My friend was able to go thru Checkout with minor speed bumps, but I fixed those (ie, left it in sandbox mode, lol). He did receive the confirmation email with the link to download but it just hung there and then timed out. I figured out that I had some bad characters in my file name and corrected that and was able to download the file successfully (by this point I told my friend that I would run the test myself).

So I have been able to figure out all of it out to this point so far, but I cannot for the life of me figure this one out. Don't even know where to start. After check out, I am taken to the Thank You screen where it says, "Thank you for your order! We appreciate your business, and please come back often to check out our new products.
You may track the latest status of your order(s) here: (link removed)"

When I click on the tracking link it shows me my friends purchase details instead of mine. His name address, everything. I do not want my customers seeing the wrong details when they click on their tracking link. Any ideas? Thank you in advance for your help.