Problems activation buddypress

I have been asking for days whats wrong with the buddypress not sending activation. Did I do this correctly I installed the buddy press and created a page called activation this was working when I first installed this. Again I have a fresh template with new install on new account cpanel.
Installed buddypress 1.9.1 and I can not get a activation link sent to my email. Did I install this coorectly.
1. Set permalinks to show /page.
2. Set allow everyone can register.
3. Go to settings and select register at the top drop down menus. Then click on new page and call it activate.
4 register and I get no link in email activation it is showing in php my admin a activation code was created although never sent how can I fix this so I can finish building my site. Also here is some of my php its not much although it is MD5 encrypted and it works this will send you a large email activation code 100 rows .
I came to you people for help to build my site I seem to be having allot of problems.