Problems all over the place when installing


I am trying to setup a wordpress multisite using Pro Sites plugin. I Have some issues :smiley:

1) I have followed the steps from the installation guide and activated my Wordpress Network. However, the string i have to add in my .htaccess makes an error that tells me that the server configuration is wrong and i cant get access to my website at all. This might cause the other problems i have?

2) I am able to create a new site on my network, from the admin panel, but none of the pages or posts works, i only get a 404 error on everything except the front page. This also happens on my main page.

3) Im not sure if pages should be automaticly created when installing the plugin, like signup page, upgrade page and so on, but i'm not able to see any pages at all, except the default frontpage of my theme, and i have no idea what the names of the pages are for each form. I figured out one page tho "wp-signup.php"

4) When i try to register a new site trough the link (as a customer) "http://localhost/wp-signup.php", i can see the form and all, but when the registration is complete, i don't recieve any activation email. I have set my email in the Pro Sites option panel as well.

I have installed this on localhost, if this helps with something.

Basically i can't get anything to work :smiley: I'm sorry for my lack of brain power, but what am i doing wrong? I have spent a few hours trying to install this plugin, but with no success.